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The experience of being confronted with a criminal charge is quite scary and devastating that significantly affects your personal as well as professional life. Your pride, freedom, future, job, and reputation, everything is at stake and you are simply clueless about your next course of action. When trapped in a situation like this, you will surely need an experienced and the best criminal defence lawyer in Toronto by your side to defend your legal rights.

If charged with a crime you need to choose the best criminal law firm in Toronto that has the expertise and experience to quickly and discreetly solve your legal problem. FMK Law Group in Toronto is one such criminal law firm that has extensive experience in defending criminal charges all over the province. No matter whether you are trapped in a simple or complex criminal matter, the best criminal defence lawyers in the firm are known for offering incisive legal advice along with relentless and results-driven advocacy.

The benefit of Hiring Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto for a Criminal Case

Facing criminal charges is a painful experience and if you have been charged with it, then you should take the necessary steps to protect your rights. The best option available to you is to hire a skilled and the best criminal lawyer who can efficiently guide you through the legal process and make sure that you receive a fair trial. Some of the major benefits of hiring the best criminal law firm in Toronto include:

Service of Experienced Attorneys

FMK Law Group, the best law firm, is served by a team of experienced criminal defence attorneys from Toronto, who know to challenge evidence and build a strong defence for you. Besides, experienced lawyers have knowledge of navigating the justice system and are able to provide valuable support and guidance throughout the legal process.

Access to Quality Resources

As the leading and renowned legal firm of Toronto, FMK Law Group has access to quality resources like forensic experts, and private investigators along with some professionals whose assistance proves crucial for the case. The easy access to these resources proves significant in properly gathering evidence and present in court.

Suggest Best Legal Advices 

As an experienced and professional legal firm in Toronto, we are able to negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors to reduce your sentence or could even avoid conviction altogether. In some cases, they also suggest a guilty plea for clients, if they think it is the best option for a defendant.

FMK Law Group Areas of Practice

We, at FMK Law Group, are committed to providing justice to all our clients irrespective of the criminal charges against them.  Our criminal law firm in Toronto believes that everyone deserves a proper defence, and we tirelessly work to achieve it. If you or your known one has been charged with a crime, then you can get in touch with us, as we are practicing across diverse areas to handle your case with our extensive knowledge and expertise.  Some of the criminal law areas in which we hold proficiency include:

Assault Charges 

If you have been charged or are being investigated for an assault-related crime in Toronto, then it is in your best interest to hire a qualified and experienced criminal defence attorney from FMK Law Group. No matter, whether you are facing minor or serious charges, our criminal lawyers know to defend you in a criminal court. Our criminal lawyers have helped several victims receive a fair trial in different assault cases like bar and casino fights, sporting event assaults, etc.

Sexual Offences

Sex-related offences are serious criminal charges you can face and if convicted, these charges may have serious implications. FMK Law group has an immersive understanding of the options and tools to fight these charges. The criminal lawyers of the firm make strategic, tactical decisions and have the knowledge to effectively argue the evidence.

Weapon Charges 

It is illegal to carry a weapon in Canada and simply possessing it in certain circumstances can be a criminal offence. Possession of a restricted or prohibited weapon can increase the penalties associated with the offence. However, criminal defence lawyers of FMK Law Groups know possible ways to defend a weapon offence. Knowledgeable and expert criminal lawyers are well capable of providing outstanding legal representation when facing a possible conviction.


Legally a person can get arrested for a crime, irrespective of the fact that whether he has committed the crime or not. To avoid arrest, a person can pay a specific amount of money to the court called bail and can get released until the criminal process is completed. The prime objective of bail is to allow a person remains free until he/she is convicted of a crime. Irrespective of the fact that you have been trapped in a serious crime or a minor crime you will find court proceedings to be complex and challenging. Thus, you will need an expert criminal lawyer by your side, who compassionately defend your case and smoothly handle your bail procedure. The criminal attorney of FMK Law Group is an expert in handling your bail procedure and allows you to remain free until you are convicted of a crime.  

Impaired by Drugs or Alcohol 

Driving under the alcohol influence in Toronto is a criminal offense and it will involve impaired driving law. If you have been arrested for driving under influence of drugs in Toronto, then you need to consult an experienced impaired DUI defence lawyer of FMK Law Firm to protect your legal rights in the proceeding and establish your innocence or guilt. The criminal lawyers of our firm have great expertise in impaired driving laws and hence can effectively strategist a defence to produce the most favorable outcome.

Drug Charges

Drug-related offences are serious charges in Toronto and may involve some type of charter litigation. If you are found guilty or receive a conviction for a drug offence, then you may have to face serious consequences like an impact on your travel ability or obtaining employment. The criminal lawyers of FMK Legal Group assist you in the best manner and serve you with the best legal option to minimize the effect of these possible consequences. Possession, trafficking, and importing are all drug offences.

Fraud, Theft, or Robbery Charges

Fraud, theft, or robbery charges are a broad range of criminal activity that carries severe penalties, depending upon the type and level of suspected activity.  Thus, if you have been charged with theft, robbery, or fraud crimes, then you should seek counselling from an experienced criminal lawyer of FMK Law Group of Toronto. The proficient lawyers of the firm can withdraw the criminal charges filed against you and can even work toward achieving an acquittal.

Youth Offences

Youth offences are serious legal charges that can adversely affect the lives of youngsters. Such youngsters can seek the help of the experienced criminal lawyer of the FMK Law group who is an expert at navigating charges against minor offenders. These lawyers will help you understand every aspect of the youth courts and can even strive for lenient sentences in accordance with the law.

Why choose FMK Law Group for Criminal Defence Cases?

FMK Law Group is a criminal law firm featuring an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers that are well-positioned to defend clients against a variety of criminal charges, ranging from minor to the most serious. As one of the best criminal law firms in Toronto, we at FMK Law Group have every quality that is required to marshal a strong and successful defence on behalf of our clients. With great expertise and knowledge in criminal law, our criminal defence attorneys in Toronto protect the right of individuals confronted with criminal charges.

  1. Our professional, ethical, and effective criminal defence lawyers have a high success rate
  2. Our criminal defence attorneys have access to all the legal information essential to skillfully defend our clients
  3. Effective and economical legal service
  4. Render personalized attention to clients at all stages
  5. Have extensive knowledge and experience in diverse areas of crime
  6. Provides exhaustive legal advice and passionate advocacy to clients facing criminal offences in all Ontario courts


What is a criminal defence lawyer?

A criminal defence lawyer is an attorney who defends individuals charged with criminal offences. No matter whether an individual is charged with minor traffic violations or with major theft or robbery charges, a criminal defence lawyer will protect the legal rights of the individual. The criminal lawyer will ensure that they receive a fair trial, as they have a strong understanding of the law and brilliantly argue their client’s case in court.

Does FMK Law Group offer a free consultation?

Yes FMK Law Group provides a free consultation and in case of any type of legal changes, you can consult this firm for a free, no-obligation consultation. The initial consultation is free in which our criminal lawyers review your disclosure and try to understand your case to accordingly advise you on the case.

Is it necessary for me to hire a lawyer for my criminal charge?

Yes, it is necessary to hire a lawyer while facing any criminal charge because every criminal case is different and it is essential to receive specific advice for your situation. Seeking expert legal assistance is vital if you are accused of a crime and the police are questioning you. A criminal lawyer will advise you on your rights, protect your interests, and will represent you in court. Besides, the legal process is a complex procedure that requires the expertise and knowledge of expert criminal lawyers.  

What are the areas in which criminal lawyers of FMK Law Group practice?

FMK Law Group understands that criminal charges are quite serious and can have a long-term impact on the lives of the accused. There is much at stake for the accused and hence they require the knowledge and expertise of trained and experienced lawyers. Understanding the requirements of diverse clients, FMK Law Group provides legal consultancy in areas like:

  1. Assault
  2. Sexual Offence
  3. Impaired Driving
  4. Bail Hearing
  5. Drug Charges
  6. Theft, Robbery, and Fraud
  7. Juvenile

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