Drug Related Offenses

Drug-related offenses can span a series of different crimes. You may be under the impression, as others have before, that only the dealers or suppliers are liable to face criminal charges if they are caught.

However, jurisdictions almost universally criminally charge those who have certain drugs for personal use. Of course, this discussion does not account for legal substances that may or may not be for medical purposes.

There is usually a defined line between what stands as legal versus illegal; and being on the latter end of the spectrum can land you in prison or see you dealing with some hefty fines.

Admittedly, there is a bit of ambiguity surrounding the term “drug related offenses.” Therefore, the idea here is to get you a bit more acquainted with the concept at a higher level.

Drug related offences


Once illegal drugs are in question, certain contexts constitute an illegal act.

First, there is the matter of having or owning drugs, which is typical of those who are the end-users of the products. For example, if heroin is illegal in your jurisdiction (which it most likely is), then you would have crossed this line by possessing or using any of it.

Note that even if you are simply transporting the drug on behalf of someone else, possession charges can still be laid against you.

Next, supplying others with drugs constitutes an illegal act. This case, of course, tends to apply to dealers and suppliers from whom end-users purchase or otherwise acquire unlawful drugs.

Third, the manufacturing of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. The creation process precedes the supply process, and those implicated at this point are also looking at potentially severe punishments.

Finally, trying to export drugs from your country of origin or to import them from other countries also typically constitutes as a crime.

Note that if you do not fall under any of these categories but knowingly provide the facilities, such as a building for drug-related activities to take place, then a charge can also be brought against you.

Nuances to Pay Attention to

It gets a bit crazy to keep track of what may or may not be applicable. However, there are a couple of nuances you should probably be aware of. If you’ve purchased drugs for personal use with the intent to share with those close to you, this falls under the supply umbrella.

Those prosecuted for drug-related offenses who have a history of similar offenses are likely going to face steeper penalties once the trend is established.

Multiple charges can be brought against you depending on the full range of applicable facts. For example, if you possess some quantity of an illegal drug with an intent to distribute it for profit to others, this could be two independent charges.

Retain an Expert Attorney

Retaining the services of an experienced attorney is your only chance of battling an illegal drug charge. Sometimes, that may mean reducing what would have been an incredibly long sentence to a much shorter one.

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