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Family law in Canada is governed by federal and provincial laws and it deals with family-related legal issues such as marriage, children, divorce, couples, custody, child protection, support, adoption, and property division. It may also include inheritance issues, financial negotiations, drafting and interpretation of prenuptial contracts, and separation agreements.

Despite our effort to keep family issues out of the courts, several times the situation becomes such that court seems to be the only solution to end disputes over divorce, money, custody, and other family-related matters. If you are in need of a skilled and experienced family attorney in Toronto, then you can seek help and assistance from the legal experts at FMK Law Group.

Your Search for a Professional and Competent Family Lawyers Ends at FMK Law Group

Our experienced and professional family lawyers in Toronto are known to deliver unparalleled guidance and advocacy by making the best use of their knowledge and breadth of experience. The competent family lawyers represent and advise clients on diverse areas of family law like issues related to child’s decision making responsibility(custody), divorce, child support, property division, separation agreement, marriage contracts, adoption, and cross-border family law issues.

Our family lawyers pride themselves in quickly and effectively resolving family law disputes. Our extensive experience in court helps us to have an in depth perspective on family matters and move forward in a resolute and pragmatic manner. We rely on our strength and experience to serve our clients with diverse family issues that impact families like adoptions, divorce proceedings, and child custody.

Types of Family Attorney available at FMK Law Group

We as a revered family law firm handle family matters in a diligent manner encompassing planning, strategy, and careful execution. We have a competent team of family lawyers having great expertise in diverse areas of family law and are efficient in applying the best legal process as per your individual situation to efficiently pursue optimal results.

While choosing a family lawyer in Toronto, you need to select a family lawyer who is a specialist in the family issue for which you are seeking legal assistance. If you need a family lawyer for seeking child custody, then prefer a family lawyer having expertise in child custody cases.

Family lawyers gain expertise in a specific matter of family law by representing maximum cases for that particular issue. Different types of family lawyers include:

Children’s Issues Lawyers

Family law cases involving children are quite critical and sensitive and hence need a specialist lawyer in this field that can ensure that the best interest of the children is protected. Family lawyer experts in handling children’s issues serve clients with apt legal solutions that show their determination to strategically resolve complex family disputes.

Property Division Lawyers

Our property division lawyers understand that the financial situation of every family is unique. Hence, utilizing their expertise and knowledge of this family issue, they provide tailored solutions to clients to allow them to secure a successful financial future, either through litigation or other resolution methods.

Divorce Lawyer

FMK Law Group is served by experienced divorce lawyers in Toronto who know that getting a divorce is mentally and physically draining. So, our divorce lawyers stand right behind the client through this emotionally difficult phase and smoothly handle all the legal aspects to help the client seek divorce without any hassle.

What Types of Cases Does a Family Lawyer in Toronto Handle?

FMK Law group has a competent and expert pool of family lawyers in Toronto that offer reliable and trusted legal services in diverse areas of family law. Family law is a highly emotional area of law that addresses issues related to complex family matter or relationships.

It is a legal practice area that focuses on family issues like divorce, spousal and child support, assets, and property division, marriage contracts, parental alienation, and adoption among others. Some of the family law cases that our family lawyers in Toronto handle include:

Divorce or Separation

FMK Law Group has family lawyers that are proficient in handling divorce or separation cases in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Our divorce lawyers well understand that separation and divorce involve tough decisions, difficult negotiations as well a lot of emotions, so our clients just not need legal assistance but also the support of a sensible lawyer who can help them come out of this difficult phase peacefully.

Child Support

The experienced family attorneys at FMK Law Group help clients navigate through the complexities of seeking child support and explain to clients all relevant options and considerations. A child often has special expenses that need to be addressed by parents, so our family lawyer experts in child support matters explain to clients their rights and obligations with respect to child support and obtain fair and adequate support for the client and their children.

Property Division

The division of property and assets is a complex matter that requires expert legal assistance and hence our family lawyers in Toronto that specialize in property and assets division come to the rescue of clients. Our lawyer helps clients navigate this complex area of the law and make sure that their rights are protected and they received the proper property settlement. The stressful situation of the property division is managed in a smooth manner.

Spousal Support

Spousal support between married couples is governed by the Divorce Act and spousal support between non-married couples is governed by the Family Law Act. Our adept family lawyers help you out in this area of law to ensure that client’s rights are protected and they receive or pay the proper spousal support amount. Our lawyers will immediately access the client’s goal for the case and help them be organized from the beginning to ensure that the case is properly handled.  

Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer in Toronto

Family matters are sensitive issues that leave people in fear, depression, and loneliness. During this critical phase of life, people do need the legal and emotional support of compassionate family lawyers in Toronto. The family attorneys in Toronto have a better understanding of family law and can bring a difference in the case with their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Our talented pools of family lawyers stand by the side of clients throughout the legal process and help them come out of difficult situations, as they offer both legal and emotional support. Some of the major reasons to hire a family lawyer include:   

  1. It is always in the best interests of clients to seek legal assistance from knowledgeable and expert family lawyers having sound knowledge of the family law matter. These attorneys hold the right set of knowledge and experience that are required to handle sensitive family issues.
  2. Family lawyers are not just known to provide strong legal assistance for family issues but they also provide emotional support to clients, which is essential to come out from painful and traumatic family matters.    
  3. Family lawyers are competent in drafting and filing the essential documents within legal time frames is essential for the case. Handling legal documents is quite difficult and overwhelming but family lawyers simply ease and simplify this process.
  4. Irrespective of the family issue a client is facing, a family attorney will protect the client’s right and looks after the interests of the represented party. Family matters are sensitive and hence require a steady approach and sometimes even an aggressive approach is required to challenge false allegations.

How may I find a Good Family Lawyer in Toronto?

Not all family law situations are the same and not all family lawyers are the same. Hence depending on your individual case, you can choose the best family attorney for your case.

While choosing a family lawyer, you should always keep your needs and requirements in mind and you should also think of the consequences in case if you do not obtain adequate legal representation for your case. Find below some helpful tips that will help you choose the best family lawyer in Toronto.

Select a Family Lawyer who works with you as a Partner 

Find a family lawyer that will be on your side and work with you to provide you with direct, compassionate, and honest legal advice.

Hire an Experienced Family Lawyer

While hiring a family lawyer, you should always prefer hiring an experienced lawyer that has at least three to five years of experience in family law cases. The lawyer should be available to take on new clients with their specific requirements.

Carry out Extensive Research

Carefully selecting a family lawyer that is qualified and suitable for your case is essential because a wrong choice can lead to adverse consequences on your family law case. You should make sure to do your own research and can take advice from your friends or families who have earlier sought legal assistance for family matters.

Choose a Lawyer that best suits you

Your choice of family attorney can vary depending upon your case. Thus, you should always prefer a lawyer that holds expertise in the family issue for which you are seeking legal aid. If you are hiring a family lawyer for seeking divorce, then prefer a lawyer that holds experience in divorce cases.

Why choose FMK Law Group for Family Cases in Toronto?

Choosing the best family lawyer or the reputed law firm to represent you in the family law matter is a difficult and confusing task. However, with a competent, skilled, and experienced law firm like FMK Law Group around, you will never regret your decision of choosing this leading law firm in Toronto that is committed to serving you with the best legal advice.

Some of the other prominent reasons to choose this popular law firm for family cases in Toronto include:

  • Our core values are aimed to provide client-centric legal solutions
  • Innumerable positive reviews of clients motivate and encourage giving our best
  • Redefining the practice of law with our honest and sincere approach
  • Churning out the best and most favorable decisions in the interest of our clients
  • The extremely competitive price makes us approachable to clients of different economic standards


What are the common family matters handled by a family lawyer in Toronto?

Family lawyers handle matters related to family and common disputes that may arise within the family. Some of the common family matters that are handled by family lawyers in Toronto include marriage and divorce which consists of spousal support, prenuptial agreements, divorce, property division, and matters related to children like child support, custody, abuse, and adoption. The law firm can also handle cases related to paternity testing.   

How much does a family law lawyer in Toronto cost?

The cost of a family lawyer in Toronto cannot be determined accurately because the cost is based on different factors like the expertise level of the lawyer, geographical location, and experience of the lawyer. In some cases, family law lawyers charge hourly which may start from $250 per hour which may go significantly higher for an experienced lawyer. However, some of the law firms also charge block fees and they do not charge on an hourly basis.

Family law in Canada is governed by which law?

Family law in Canada is governed by federal and provincial laws and it deals with family-related issues like marriage, divorce, couples, custody, child protection, support, adoption, and property division.

Is it beneficial to hire a family lawyer in Toronto?

Yes, it is beneficial to hire family lawyers in Toronto because they possess a vast amount of knowledge and experience to successfully handle cases related to family law.

Besides, hiring the best family lawyer in Toronto will provide you with the best possible outcome and they also make sure to inform you along every step of the process. Besides, family lawyers have the expertise and experience to guide you professionally and make legal procedures smooth and hassle-free.



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