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In the world of litigation, luring is a very serious yet delicate crime to prosecute. While the defendant is often guilty of something a little more, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility for innocent behaviour to be misconstrued as child luring.

This means that while attempting to get a child into a vehicle for kidnapping purposes falls under the umbrella, approaching a minor to ask a question with no ulterior motives may also rouse some suspicion.

Using the pure definition, child luring speaks to a situation in which an adult attempts to entice, lure, or even force a minor into any area with an obscured view from the public. This could be a building, a vehicle, or the like. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may also extend to victims who suffer from a developmental disability, so much so that their functionality is on par with that of a minor.

Note that consent is a very big part of the puzzle here, as it’s entirely plausible for a parent or guardian to have permitted the adult in question to carry out some activity with the child. Therefore, for the charge to stick, proof must be present beyond the shadow of a doubt that consent was not received from the parents.

While familiarity plays a huge part in the equation, it’s not impossible for someone with whom the child is familiar to be charged with a child luring charge if the circumstances call for it.

Child luring defence lawyer

Arguing Innocence

What can someone do if a purely innocent act is being carried out and it has been labelled as child luring? In such a case, the accused could face relatively steep penalties. The defendant would be charged with proving that whatever was being done was not malicious.

In other words, the circumstances must be above board, and the minor in question must not have been in danger. Of course, arguing this point without a defence attorney may present some challenges.


If convicted, depending on the jurisdiction, the judge is likely going to hand down an appropriate term within a range to be spent imprisoned. Note that depending on the specific set of circumstances, sex offence may also be a part of the equation. 

If this is the case, other charges can be laid against the defendant, as well as potential registration as a sex offender.

Retaining an Expert Attorney

Navigating legal matters where luring is at the center of the case requires the expertise of a seasoned attorney for the best possible outcome.

Suppose a child in your care is the victim. In that case, you require adequate representation to ensure that the elements necessary to prove the matter in court are adequately and accurately pieced together.

This is a difficult time for you, after all. While you need to focus on supporting your child psychologically and emotionally, it helps to have someone who has your best interest at heart, along with a demonstrated track record of legal experience on your side.

If a child luring charge has been brought against you, the stigma associated with this kind of act can create a tumultuous time ahead for you in court. It’s in your best interest to retain a well-versed attorney, mainly if your actions were innocent and simply misinterpreted as child luring.

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