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    If you’re facing criminal charges, such as drug possession, assault, DUI, fraud or theft, bail hearing, family dispute, weapon possession, the Criminal Defence Lawyer you choose is important. Your rights, freedom, and way of life are all on the line, and each day that passes gives the prosecution more time in order to build a criminal case against you. If you have never been in this situation, it can be difficult and tricky to know where to turn.

    Brampton criminal defence lawyers at FMK Law Group have a reputation and passion for helping individuals like you work to put the matter behind you as quickly as possible. And when you hire our criminal lawyers in Brampton, FMK Law Group will fight for you throughout the process. Our criminal lawyers in Brampton, ON, will vigorously defend your rights with the dedication and attention your case requires.

    At the Law Offices of FMK Law Group, we represent individuals who have been accused of or charged with crimes in Oakville and Brampton, and the surrounding areas.

    Among the criminal charges that we can defend are motor vehicle offenses, sex offenses, assault and violent crimes, theft offenses, weapon charges, drug crimes, and crimes against property.

    If you’ve been contacted by the police or law enforcement personnel or are accused of a crime in Oakville and Brampton, whether it’s a drunk driving offense or drug charge, you have to exercise your right to remain silent and contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer at the Law Office of FMK Law Group.

    Our firm has a strong reputation for offering aggressive and cutting-edge legal representation for our clients to get the best results. From the moment you hire our attorney to represent you, we will fight zealously for the justice and compensation that you deserve.

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    At the Law Office of FMK Law Goup, we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to be charged with a crime like assault and impaired driving. There’s usually much at stake, and you might not know what your next step should be.
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    01. Assault Charges Defense Lawyer in Brampton and Oakville

    Brampton and Oakville have tough laws and punishment for a conviction of assault and violent crimes. In Toronto, minor assault charges are usually known as summary conviction offenses and are less serious. On the other hand, serious offenses are known as indictable offenses.


    02. Sexual Offence Defense Lawyer in Brampton

    Allegations of sex crimes and sexual offenses can lead to serious criminal charges and also have a major impact on an individual’s reputation, their relationships with friends and family, their career, and their standing in the local community.


    03. Impaired Driving DUI Defense Lawyer in Brampton and Oakville

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most commonly charged criminal offenses in Brampton and Oakville. The impaired driving law usually involves driving while you are under the influence of alcohol.


    04. Oakville and Brampton Bail Hearing Lawyer

    For individuals charged with a criminal offense in Brampton or Oakville, the bail hearing is usually a critical court appearance that determines whether the defendant will remain in custody or not while their trial is pending.


    05. Weapons Charges Lawyer in Brampton

    Weapon charges and offenses are prosecuted seriously in Brampton and Oakville. With concerns about gun violence, you may find yourself in a complex legal situation after being arrested.


    06. Drug Charges Lawyer in Brampton

    You must understand what type of penalties you’re facing when charged with a drug crime in Brampton and Oakville. Drug offenses considerably vary in severity. For instance, substances defined as “hard drugs,” such as cocaine and heroin, carry more severe sentences compared to “soft drugs” like marijuana.


    07. Theft, Robbery, and Fraud Charges Lawyer in Brampton

    As they are so commonplace, most people believe that theft crimes and robberies are not serious. Theft is a broad term for property-related offenses and crimes that usually come with severe penalties and consequences depending on the specific circumstances.


    08. Juvenile Lawyer in Brampton, ON

    Children’s criminal cases in Brampton and Oakville are handled differently than those of adults. The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) was implemented by the Canadian government to deal effectively with young offenders. The act applies to individuals between 12 and 17 years old.

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    Why Choose Us?

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    • Violent Offences – Assault (All Types);
    • Drug Offences;
    • Driving Offences (DUI & other driving Offences);
    • Property Offences (Theft, and possession of stolen property);
    • Weapons Offences;
    • Fraud (Any type of fraud offences);
    • Bail Hearings;
    • Record Suspension Applications

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    At FMK Law Group, we know and understand that encounters with the Brampton and Oakville criminal justice system do not just happen from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is why we are available to take your phone call or respond to your email throughout the day, 7 days a week.


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      Find Seasoned and Experienced Top Criminal Lawyer in Brampton at FMK Law Group

      Brampton is just 40 km from Toronto, right near Toronto Pearson International Airport which was once known as “The flower town of Canada”, because of its large greenhouse industry. It is among Canada’s fastest-growing cities having a population of more than 500,000. Brampton is a highly friendly and inviting city laying a great emphasis on culture, cuisine, and connection. The city is surging with energy and is a food and entertainment hub. Living in this city is great fun but unfortunately, if anyone gets trapped in a criminal offense, then FMK Law Group comes to their rescue and provides them with expert and professional legal assistance.  

      Hire Top Criminal Lawyer in Brampton from FMK Law Group

      People who are charged with a criminal offense in Brampton city and are looking for a high-quality and unbiased defense can get in touch with FMK Law Group, a top law firm in this region that is known for integrity, excellence, and proven results. This leading and reliable law firm in Brampton is proficient in creating a successful defense and its team of eminent criminal lawyers holds mastery of the Canadian Criminal Code. The firm has a wealth of experience in representing individuals facing criminal charges and is highly committed to every case. The firm handles every criminal case by carefully analyzing its details and preparing a solid defense. When it is a matter of people’s freedom and reputation, they surely deserve excellent representation from the top legal firm of Brampton. The expert team of criminal defence lawyers has a proven track record and is an expert in handling all types of criminal offenses.

      Why do you need a Criminal Defence Attorney?

      Hiring a criminal defence attorney in Brampton is a sound and healthy decision because top criminal lawyers are known to provide solid legal advice, successfully represent clients in court for the best outcome, and also help clients make the right decision. Besides, criminal lawyers also help people understand the criminal charges against them and the potential penalties. The criminal defence attorneys of the FMK Law Group are experts in representing clients and have a sound and expert understanding of legal matters. Some of the major reasons why people need expert criminal defence attorneys to include:

      • It is in the best interests of people facing criminal charges to hire criminal defence lawyers, as they are experts in providing legal assistance to them both in and out of court.
      • Criminal matters are complex to deal with and if people are not properly legally represented then they can have life-altering costs, as they may be found guilty, and may even get fired from their job.
      • The criminal defence lawyers in Brampton have a sound understanding of Ontario's judicial system and are efficient in dealing with a wide range of criminal cases.
      • Ontario has a complex legal system and to successfully navigate through this complex system, criminal defence lawyers in Brampton come to people's rescue.

      Questions to ask a Criminal Defence Attorney in Brampton

      Every accused has a right to seek legal assistance and is entitled to receive a fair trial in court before a judge. Experienced and professional criminal defence lawyers represent their clients with the utmost integrity and passion and ensure the protection of the freedom and right of their clients. However, to hire the top criminal defence attorney in Brampton people need to be careful in their selection and should try to know in detail about the law firm and the lawyers before seeking their legal assistance. Some of the vital questions to ask include:

      • Do criminal attorneys have any experience handling similar criminal case?
      • How much experience do the criminal lawyers have and how many trials they have litigated?
      • What are the fees and how do they charge them from clients?
      • Can they provide some references from clients to whom they have provided legal assistance?
      • How frequently do they work out plea agreements or requests for a lesser charge?
      • Ask if they offer a free consultation.

      How a Criminal Defence Attorney can help?

      If people are facing criminal prosecution, then seeking professional help from a criminal defence attorney is significant. The criminal attorney in Brampton helps people understand the nature of the criminal charges filed against them, the possible outcomes after trial or conviction, know about the available defenses, and the likely available plea bargains.    

      • A criminal defence attorney creates an effective defence and develops a winning strategy for their clients and an accused's advocate prepares and files cases as well as argues on their behalf. Negotiating a plea bargain with the prosecution is also a part of a lawyer's job.
      • Criminal defense lawyers in Brampton are proficient to unearth and find elements that are vital for the case and are unique. The lawyers look for factors that can reduce a conviction of a potential crime.
      • Criminal attorneys are efficient in organizing and presenting the facts in a manner that ensures success for the accused.
      • Criminal lawyers have studied law and undergone training to well understand every aspect of criminal law and court procedure. Hence they know to defend the accused and discover any loopholes through which they can defend their clients.

      What to look for in a criminal lawyer?

      Facing criminal charges is quite a traumatic and painful experience and people try their best to get out of this situation with the apt advice and assistance of seasoned criminal defence lawyers. However, when choosing the top criminal defence lawyer in Brampton people should look for the below-given qualities:


      A criminal law firm having good reviews of clients and being successful in finishing the cases in the favor of their clients is certainly a good choice. A law firm with a good reputation in the business will be the best choice.


      While looking for trusted criminal lawyers in Brampton, the first and foremost important is to select a criminal defence lawyer who has handled a variety of criminal cases and holds great experience. A lawyer having extensive experience will have complete knowledge of criminal laws and hence can efficiently handle different criminal cases.

      Honest Representation

      One should always prefer a criminal defence lawyer that is known to provide clients with the most honest and outspoken representation for diverse criminal law in Brampton. Such dedicated criminal lawyers are successful in helping clients get over the lines against all types of criminal charges.  

      Seek Professional Help from FMK Law Group, an Expert Criminal Law Firm

      FMK Law Group is a top criminal law firm in Brampton that helps clients successfully navigate through Brampton's complex legal system and process. We, at the FMK Law Group, are dedicated and committed to defending individuals charged with criminal and regulatory offenses. Our experienced criminal lawyers serve clients with the best possible legal outcomes. Some of the reasons behind consulting this leading law firm in Brampton include:


      The criminal lawyers of this firm stand by the side of the clients at every stage of the criminal case in Brampton. To serve clients irrespective of time, the top criminal lawyer of the firm is available 24/7 so that clients can reach them at any time.

      Personalized Legal Assistance

      Our criminal lawyers at FMK Law Group build a lasting relationship with every client, by offering personalized legal assistance based on their specific situation. The criminal lawyers come out with a tailor-made defence strategy meeting the specific needs of the case of the client. Besides, our lawyers are known to treat clients with a great amount of respect and courtesy.

      Trusted & Experienced

      FMK Law Group has been practicing criminal law for a great number of years. Hence, the advice given by our law firm is highly trusted among clients that come from our experience in handling every type of criminal case.

      Strategically Aggressive

      Top criminal defence attorneys of FMK Law Group are quite aggressive in their approach and never settle for the easiest outcomes. The lawyers well negotiate with the state attorney and give their best effort to provide clients with the best possible outcome.  


      Do I Need a Lawyer When I'm Charged with a Crime?

      Yes, you need a lawyer when you are charged with a crime because representing yourself in court is not a good idea. Canadian criminal law is a mix of common laws, statutes, and precedents. It is not in the best interest of people to risk their legal health, their family, job, and freedom by making an effort to represent them in a criminal case. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom is immensely complicated and is difficult for a normal person to understand the legal technicalities of a criminal case.

      Do You Only Handle Criminal Cases?

      Yes, we at FMK Law Group handle only criminal cases and can efficiently represent people who are facing any criminal charges like drug possession, assault, DUI, fraud, family dispute, bail hearing, weapon possession, etc.

      What type of criminal cases do you handle?

      Our seasoned and competent criminal lawyers are proficient in handling diverse criminal cases and can represent people charged with motor vehicle offenses, sex offenses, assault and violent crimes, theft offenses, weapon charges, drug crimes, and crimes against property.

      When Is The Suitable Time To Contact My Criminal Defense Attorney?

      We, at FMK Law Group, very well understand that people may encounter the criminal justice system at any time and may need immediate legal assistance. Thus, to cater to the people's legal requirements we are available to take your phone call and respond to your email throughout the day, 7 days a week.

      Do I Need To Visit Your Office To Request For A Consultation?

      No, you don't need to visit our office. You can easily contact us either by phone or by mail to seek consultation from our esteemed criminal lawyers.