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If you have criminal charges against you, then going to court without proper legal representation will result in huge fines, a criminal record, and even jail. The Canadian criminal justice system is highly confusing and complex for a layman to understand. Hence hiring an experienced and eminent criminal lawyer in Oakville from the FMK Law Group to represent you will be detrimental to your life and livelihood.

Your search for a competent and skilled criminal defence lawyer in Oakville ends at FMK Law Group which holds great proficiency and expertise in defending your criminal case.

The criminal lawyers of the firm are quick in their analysis and creating strategies that will aptly defend you in court. We, at FMK Law Group, offer a free no obligation consultation to properly review the case of our clients and explore the possible defence. The best criminal defence lawyers will determine the right course of legal action.  

Reasons to Hire an Experienced and the Best Criminal Lawyer in Oakville

Criminal charges are a critical offense that may have lifelong ramifications and hence you will need to hire criminal lawyers in Oakville having sound knowledge and experience to provide you with thorough and quality legal representation. Having a criminal record can pose serious problems like restricting a person’s ability to continue with the job, obtain Canadian citizenship, pursue higher education, stay in Canada, or even travel.

Thus, if you have been charged with a criminal offence, then you should seek legal advice from our competent criminal lawyer before the first court appearance. You should never make the mistake of pleading guilty without seeking legal advice because our criminal defence lawyers will provide you with a successful criminal defence.

Our legal experts carefully study the case from diverse aspects to advise you to either proceed with the trial or should make attempt to resolve the charges you are facing. Our criminal lawyers carry out extensive research and careful preparation of every case so that if possible the case is resolved quickly by convincing the Crown to withdraw the charges.

Protect your Rights with the Best Criminal Lawyer in Oakville

If unfortunately you are facing a serious legal charge or trapped in a criminal case, then FMK Law Group should be your go-to option. This leading legal group in Oakville has successfully handled several ground-breaking and high-profile criminal cases over the last many years. The law firm practicing in Oakville holds great experience in criminal law trials and is known for fearlessly representing clients charged with serious criminal law offences.

With the eminent criminal attorney of this firm by your side, you can be sure of seeking close personal attention and commitment. The knowledgeable criminal attorneys of this firm are experts in handling legal procedures and provide a thorough criminal defence whether they have to work to convince the prosecution to withdraw the care, seek the best possible results on a guilty plea, or defend people in the criminal trial. Criminal attorneys know to protect your legal right with the best defence.  

Our Practice Areas

FMK Law Group can defend you in a variety of criminal cases, bringing to the table all of their experience and knowledge gained from representing all areas of criminal law. Our criminal defence lawyers stand out because of their professional credentials and the wealth of knowledge gleaned from their past experience in diverse criminal matters. You will certainly be blessed to have our criminal attorneys by your side through every step of the legal process if you have been charged with any criminal offense in Oakville like:

Drug Offences

To successfully defend your drug offences, you can consult with our criminal attorneys in Oakville having extensive experience across a broad spectrum of drug offences. Our criminal lawyers have the knowledge about the rapidly changing drug laws in Canada that enable them to aptly defend their clients.

Youth Offences

Dealing with youngsters trapped in the criminal justice system requires more patience and a distinct approach. Our criminal lawyers have sound knowledge of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and are intimately familiar with the complexities of this act along with its application to bail proceedings.

Sexual Offences

When your personal or professional reputation is at the stake and you have been charged with a sexual offence, then you should immediately seek the legal assistance of our criminal lawyers. Our criminal attorneys will aptly handle the complex legal nuances and defend your right. In Canada, a sexual assault charge or mere acquisition of a sex crime leads to serious repercussions, so you need a professional criminal lawyer to defend your right.  

Weapon Charges

If you have weapon charges, then our criminal lawyers can come to your rescue, as they have extensive experience in defending you in any type of weapon charge. Our lawyers have experience with all modes of the trial at both levels of court and we devise a perfect strategy that is best for your set of circumstances.

How to find the Best Criminal Defence lawyer for you in Oakville?

Finding the best criminal lawyer in Oakville will need some of your time and effort, as you need to consider diverse legal aspects while choosing the best criminal lawyer for your case. You should always prefer a law firm that specializes in all areas of criminal law and should have handled some of the most captivating criminal cases. Some of the vital factors that can help you choose the best criminal lawyer in Oakville include:

  • Lawyers that have successfully defended critical criminal offences like police brutality and impaired driving offences along with other areas of criminal law
  • Prefer criminal lawyers that are highly adaptable to any situation and align themselves with the conditions
  • Criminal lawyers are competent and well-versed in handling any criminal legal matter.
  • Select a criminal lawyer who is diligent and aware at all stages of the criminal trial process and treats your case with a high level of care.
  • Select criminal lawyers that are highly dependable and have built a good name among clients with their integrity, hard work, and commitment.    

Why choose FMK Law Group for Criminal defence cases in Oakville?

FMK Law Group is a highly acknowledged law firm in Oakville having specializations in all areas of criminal law. Today the legal landscape is dynamic and it gets stricter with each passing year. Navigating the complex justice system is devastating and hence you need a competent law firm like FMK Law Group by your side, which is well capable of assisting you both in and out of the courtroom. Some of the reasons to trust our law firm in Oakville include:

  • Our experienced and professional criminal defence lawyers serve you to protect your rights, freedom, and future
  • Our law firm provides free initial consultations
  • Get access to the best quality criminal lawyers at very reasonable rates, as we charged block fees and we do not charge hourly
  • To cater to clients of every economic stratum we also offer interest-free flexible payment plans
  • We provide fee quotation upfront in writing to be clear and transparent in our pricing system


Yes, Oakville offers community resources and criminal defense lawyer support for individuals facing criminal charges. Organizations like the John Howard Society and local criminal law firms provide legal advice and assistance. Additionally, individuals can also consider seeking support from mental health organizations or counseling services to cope with stress. Restorative justice programs may also be available to help individuals address the impact of their actions on the community.


Non-citizens facing criminal convictions in Oakville may face serious immigration consequences. These can include deportation, visa or green card revocation, inadmissibility for future entry, and difficulty obtaining citizenship. The impact depends on the type and severity of the conviction. Non-citizens must consult with an Oakville criminal defense attorney with having specialization in immigration matters to get clarity on their specific situation and potential consequences.


Yes, a criminal defense lawyer in Oakville can often assist in negotiating reduced charges. They can analyze the case, negotiate with the prosecution, and explore plea bargains that may lead to lesser charges or sentencing. Their expertise can be instrumental in achieving a more favorable outcome for the defendant. It's essential to consult with a lawyer early in the legal process to explore all available options.


In Oakville, a public defender is a government-appointed attorney who represents individuals who cannot afford to hire a private criminal defense lawyer. Public defenders are assigned to cases based on their workload. Private criminal defense lawyers, on the other hand, are hired by individuals. They offer more personalized attention, but their services come at a cost. Private lawyers may have more time and resources to dedicate to a case compared to public defenders.


Yes, you can generally change your criminal defense attorney in Oakville if you are not satisfied with their representation. You have the right to choose your legal counsel. To do so, you should inform the court and your current attorney and follow the proper procedures to hire a new lawyer. However, it's essential to consider the potential impact on your case timeline and you need to consult with legal experts before making the change.


In Oakville, to request a copy of the evidence against you in a criminal case, you should contact your defense lawyer or legal representative of the law firm in Oakville. They will initiate the process through formal discovery procedures, which may involve filing a request with the Crown Prosecutor's office. Your criminal attorney will then review the disclosed evidence and strategize accordingly for your defense.


Yes, a criminal defense lawyer in Oakville can assist in securing witnesses and expert testimony for your case. They can identify and contact potential witnesses, prepare them for testimony, and coordinate with expert witnesses to provide specialized insights. These efforts can be crucial in building a strong defense strategy and ensuring a fair trial.


During a criminal trial in Oakville with a defense lawyer, you can expect pre-trial preparations, including evidence gathering, court appearances for arraignment, motions, and trial, presentation of evidence, cross-examination, and witness testimonies, arguments from the prosecution and defense, jury deliberations, verdict, and sentencing in case if convicted, post-trial motions or appeals if necessary. Criminal attorneys in Oakville guide you through each step, building a strong defense and protecting your rights.


Yes, a criminal defense lawyer in Oakville can assist with post-conviction appeals. They can analyze the trial proceedings for errors, gather new evidence, and file appeals on your behalf. An experienced attorney can navigate the appeals process, presenting a compelling case to overturn or reduce your conviction or sentence, potentially leading to a more favorable outcome.


To obtain a copy of your criminal record in Oakville, you can submit a request to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) through their website or by mail. You will need to provide personal information, fingerprints, and a fee. Alternatively, you can visit a local police station and request a copy in person. It's important to follow the specific procedures outlined by the RCMP for this process.


Yes, Oakville offers alternative sentencing and diversion programs for certain non-violent offenders. These programs aim to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate individuals. Options may include community service, counseling, or restorative justice programs. Eligibility depends on the nature of the offense and prior criminal history. Non-violent offenders can consult with a criminal defense attorney or a law firm in Oakville to determine whether they qualify for these alternatives or not.


Yes, a criminal defense lawyer in Oakville can assist in negotiating probation terms. They can advocate for favorable conditions, such as reduced probation duration or modifications to restrictions. Your criminal attorney in Oakville can also ensure that the terms are fair and align with your specific circumstances. Their expertise in the legal system can be invaluable in achieving a more favorable probation outcome.


Your criminal defense lawyer in Oakville will help you prepare for court appearances. You will need to openly communicate with the criminal attorney and share all relevant information and details with the lawyer. The criminal lawyer will help you know the charges against you and their potential consequences. Your criminal lawyer will attend meetings and court appearances as scheduled. You just need to follow your lawyer's guidance on actions to take before and during court proceedings. You need to be punctual and respectful, arrive on time, dress appropriately, and conduct yourself respectfully in court.


In Oakville, as in Canadian criminal law, the terms "misdemeanor" and "felony" are not used. Instead, offenses are categorized as "summary" (less serious) or "indictable" (more serious) offenses. Summary offenses are generally less severe and tried in lower courts, while indictable offenses are more serious and may result in a trial before a higher court. The specific classification and penalties depend on the nature and severity of the offense.


Yes, a criminal defense lawyer in Oakville can assist in cases involving juvenile offenders. They can provide legal representation, guidance, and advocacy for minors accused of criminal offenses. The lawyer's role may include protecting the juvenile's rights, exploring diversion programs, and working toward a resolution that minimizes the impact on the young person's future.

Criminal law in Canada is a complex mix of statutes and precedents and hence it should be handled by the best and expert criminal lawyers only. The right of the accused person in Canada has significantly improved because of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and this has also complicated the trial. Thus, the service of criminal lawyers has become crucial for people who don’t want to risk their legal health, job, family as well as freedom.

Seeking the legal expertise of a competent criminal attorney in Oakville for even small criminal offence is vital because you can never be sure what a sentence will be. It has been observed that a person charged with a not-so-serious crime like drunk driving and sexual assault has got a jail sentence by the crown attorneys despite having a solid background with productive jobs. The consequences of a criminal record can be extreme because it can prevent a person from employment or if the person has a job then he/she may lose it, and the person can even be prevented from traveling to certain countries like the USA. Thus seeking the service of a criminal lawyer is important in every case.

You should immediately give a call to the best criminal lawyer in Oakville if you have been arrested by the police. However, it would be better if you call the best criminal lawyer even before getting arrested because this will save you money as well as mental turbulence. If you have been involved in any illegal stuff and are not sure of the consequences, then instead of waiting for the police to arrive you should get in touch with the best criminal lawyer to know about the legality of your action before any charges are laid. This will put you and your lawyer in control of the situation, as you will be legally prepared to face the situation.

Yes, even a teenager accused of a criminal offence will need a criminal lawyer or attorney to defend his/her case, simply because the record of the young person will stay with the youth even after he turns 18. This may create a problem for the youth when he will look for a job that requires security clearance from the government. Thus, the teenager should seek legal assistance from the best criminal defence lawyer who will quickly build the strongest defence for the youth, and will carefully review the court process, and will outline all the possible options.


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