Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer in Brampton to represent you in 1st Degree Murder Charge

Hire the Best Criminal Lawyer in Brampton to represent you in 1st Degree Murder Charge

Murder is a highly serious criminal offence in Canada you can be charged with. In such an adverse scenario, you surely need the expert and experienced advocacy of a competent criminal lawyer to protect your rights and freedom. With complicated facts and high stakes, a lawyer’s expert advocacy proves invaluable, as the criminal lawyer is proficient in achieving the best possible results for the clients.

Murder by the Criminal Code is defined as the intentional taking of the life of another human. Under section 229 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a murder is committed when a person intentionally causes the death of another person or a person intentionally causes bodily harm to another person which is likely to cause death.

About First-Degree Murder

First-degree murder is one of the three categories of murder that is deliberate, planned, and is conceived, and thought out. A murder is considered deliberate if it is not impulsive and is instead purposeful. The murder planning may not be lengthy and elaborate but there should be some degree of planning and deliberation before the murder occurs.

First-degree murder is usually premeditated and committed during other crimes like sexual assaults, kidnappings, or taking hostages. In a few cases, a homicide is classified as first-degree murder even though it is not planned and deliberate like the killing of a police officer. First-degree murder is unarguably the most serious offence in Canada that carries a potential penalty of life imprisonment and the accused will be eligible for parole after serving 25 years in prison.

Seeing the seriousness, it is termed as the most nuanced area of criminal justice. In such circumstances, the accused will need an experienced criminal lawyer in Brampton who knows to successfully defend charges for first-degree murder.

Common Examples of First-Degree Murder

The main factors under section 231(2) of the Criminal Code, which qualify a culpable homicide as first-degree murder are the deliberation, premeditation, and intent to kill and is committed by a person having a clear intention of killing someone through planning or conspiring. A perfect example of first-degree murder is contract killing. Murder is also considered first-degree if it happens in the commission of certain offenses like sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, forcible confinement, or murder involving hostage-taking, criminal organizations, kidnapping, or terrorism.

There are a few more offence that is considered first-degree murder like murdering a police officer in the course of his duties and crimes like robbery, hijacking with the goal of financial gain, assault on pregnant women, and the killing of prison employees or on-duty government officials. A homicide in the context of domestic assault is not considered first-degree murder but if it was deliberate or pre-planned then it will be a first-degree murder. Nevertheless, domestic assault alone is not considered first-degree.

Penalties and Charges associated with First Degree Murder in Brampton

First-degree murder is a serious crime in Brampton having some of the most far-reaching consequences for the accused. However, the charges related to this type of murder primarily depend on the intention behind the murder, the circumstances under which it took place, and the manner in which the crime was committed.

According to section 235(1) of the Criminal Code, a person committing first-degree murder is guilty of an indictable offence and often faces life imprisonment and is eligible for parole only after 25 years. Even if the accused is granted parole, he/she remains on parole for the rest of their life and is subject to a set of conditions, as the person can be remitted to custody at any time for violating it.  

Fight First-Degree Murder Charge with help of a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Brampton

When it comes to criminal defence in Brampton for first-degree murder charges, the accused need an expert local criminal lawyer having years of experience. Such a criminal offence is difficult to challenge because of the sensitivity of the case, so the accused need a competent and professional criminal lawyer by his/her side for a successful and the best defence.

The result-driven and client-focused criminal defence lawyers in Brampton are highly proficient and competent to serve the accused with the best possible result.

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