Criminal Lawyer in Brampton Can Help You Defend Against the False Allegation

Criminal Lawyer in Brampton Can Help You Defend Against the False Allegation

The mental state is incomprehensible when someone is charged with a criminal case that he or she has not to commit. Even worse, there is no surety that you would be found innocent or that charges will be nullified in due course. Unfortunately, these types of situations are not rare. Many people face this agonizing situation.

You may perceive the mental and social condition of the person accused in such a way! But what shall you do if you face this kind of situation? The  way out and that is authentic is hiring the criminal lawyer in Brampton.

An experienced lawyer can understand the complexity of the case. They can take appropriate legal steps and advice you accordingly to obtain a clean chit from the court.

What Legal Options Do You Have When You Are Accused of a False Allegation?

When you are charged with a crime that you never committed, the first job should be to get rid of that accusation. That is, you need to prove yourself not guilty. Here the criminal lawyer helps you to find legal ways to prove your innocence. The  criminal lawyer in Brampton can also defend you in court to show you were not related to the case even remotely.

Once the court conveys that you are not guilty, you can take some other steps to deal with the false allegation. Depending on the severity of the case and how it affects you, the lawyer may file any one or more of the following cases:

Malicious accusation

The false case against you may have affected you financially. You may file for compensation from the other party in the case. The lawyer is an expert in this case. He or she can file a claim for a certain amount as compensation for the direct and indirect losses you have undergone due to that false allegation.

Character defamation

Needless to say, a false allegation disparages the social and professional positions of an individual. It is a loss in every aspect including loss of character and goodwill. A case of defamation of character can be lodged.

False imprisonment

If the false allegation leads to imprisonment then that is a case of false imprisonment. The lawyer can claim on behalf of his or her client for false imprisonment.

Steps to Take in a False Allegation

You know that you are innocent but what next in that situation? As no one is going to hear you and let you go all of a sudden. You need to proceed systematically and legally.

  • Your first step should be to hire an experienced criminal lawyer from a reputed firm like FMK Law Group.
  • Your second step should be to discuss the whole matter with the lawyer and listen to his or her advice regarding what to say and react during a police interview, what documents to keep with you, and how to answer in court.
  • Your third step should be to help the lawyer in every possible way in this case by providing him or her with the legal documents, the information you know, and the evidence you have.

One of the primary benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer is that he or she can take proactive measures that make the situation easy for you as well as the investigating officers.

The criminal lawyer in Brampton can discuss the matter with evidence with the police or prosecutor that may convince them that they have accused the wrong person. Otherwise, the lawyer can plan a better strategy to get rid of the allegation at the earliest.

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