What Makes Brampton Criminal Lawyer Ideal For White-Collar Crime?

What Makes Brampton Criminal Lawyer Ideal For White-Collar Crime?

There are times when we commit certain non-violent illegal activities knowingly or unknowingly and other times we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. In any case, being on the wrong side of the law has several consequences. These kinds of non-violent illegal activities are called white-collar crimes. Have you ever been charged with any white-collar crime? If yes or if you are trying to save someone charged with white-collar crime, a professional Brampton criminal lawyer can help you.

If you are not knowledgeable in this matter and are almost giving up, take a pause and consult an expert lawyer. Keep in mind that you are innocent until the court of law finds you guilty.

What is White-Collar crime?

The term, “White-collar crime” was coined by Edwin Sutherland in 1939. He was a famous American criminologist and sociologist better known for his “Differential Association Theory of Crime”. White-collar crime is those non-violent crimes that are generally committed by business people, professionals in different fields, politicians, and any other individual in a position of power and high trust. These crimes are mostly committed for financial or economical gains that include fraud, theft, money laundering, insider trading, embezzlement, and similar other activities.

However, you will not find the term in the Canadian Criminal Code or any other act. This term is frequently used by the professionals in this field such as legal practitioners to precisely categorize the type of offense.

White-collar crimes mostly involve sophisticated methods or technologies to confuse, deceive, and defraud the victims. For example, introducing a forged document or using insider knowledge to take advantage of anything in the market are white-collar crimes. In general, white-collar crimes go unnoticed for a long period. It surfaces only when much damage has been caused to the victims.

Why should you hire a white-collar criminal lawyer?

Most white-collar crimes are complicated. They involve professionally created documentation and proper reference to acts and sections. A Brampton criminal lawyer knows how to proceed with a white-collar case. It is not possible for an individual without any legal background to understand the intricacies of the case or how to a strong stance for themselves.

Here are the primary reasons you need a white-collar criminal lawyer:

An expert white-collar criminal lawyer personalizes your legal position

Every case is different as every situation is different. You need personalized attention from a legal practitioner. A professional criminal lawyer having experience in dealing with white-collar criminal cases will make an investigation on their behalf. They will work closely with you and keep you updated on their investigation. They will also undertake all possible legal actions to ease your condition and protect you from any adverse legal actions from the other side.

A white-collar criminal lawyer reduces your stress

White-collar crimes are prosecuted by the law enforcement agencies like RCMP, FINTRAC, CRA, Competition Bureau, etc. Several types of cases fall under white-collar crime. However, it is difficult to understand for an individual without any legal background. There remains a high chance that you are dragged to the case by someone or some people who have any vested interest in the case. It may also happen that you were not aware of the crime that happened in your presence. A Brampton criminal lawyer understands these matters better than you and they also know the consequences. Taking professional help from such a lawyer will reduce your stress.

A white-collar criminal lawyer ensures your basic rights

Throughout the criminal justice process that can continue for several years, the expert lawyer keeps an eye on the constitutional rights of the client. During the police or respective agency’s investigation process, there remains a chance of violating your basic rights. But, an experienced lawyer never let it happen. They ensure that the clients get access to every resource that they have the right to access during a legal procedure or police investigation.

A white-collar criminal lawyer is an expert negotiator

Brampton criminal lawyer having experience in handling white-collar cases is an expert negotiator. They can represent a client in court and work with the prosecutors to reach plea bargains, prove that their client is innocent, or reduce the sentence. They can also negotiate with a judge in matters of fines and restitution. Such negotiations are important for a case where an individual has a high chance of a long-term sentence or hefty fines. They will always try to give you a favorable result.

A white-collar criminal lawyer can manage your reputation

Damage to reputation is a common matter in these types of cases. A criminal lawyer can manage the media and public relations on your behalf or advice you accordingly. Their lawful strategy for reputation management will be an advantage to you.

It is not easy to get out of the legal tangle once you are charged with any case. It takes lots of time and effort to manage everything and get proper justice. Intricate legal matters are confusing and stressful. It is always feasible to take advantage of the experience of a Brampton criminal lawyer right in time.

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