Criminal Defence Lawyer Save You From False Sexual Assault Charges In Toronto

Criminal Defence Lawyer Save You from False Sexual Assault Charges in Toronto

If you are falsely accused of sexual assault charges in Toronto, then you need to protect your rights, reputation, employment, travel, and immigration. Facing false sexual assault charges will put your rights and reputation at stake and even the legal process are confusing and overwhelming. False sexual assault charges are imposed on a person either due to misidentification by the alleged victim or due to some motives against the accused.

False allegations can lead to devastating consequences for the accused but the criminal defence lawyer in Toronto ensures that the accused have access to a fair trial. So if you or your known one is facing false sexual assault charges, then you should immediately consult a reputed criminal defence lawyer in Toronto and should follow some tips to challenge a false assault accusation.  

Tips to Follow when Facing False Sexual Assault Allegation

Know the Risks Involved

On facing false sexual assault charges your first thought may be that you are innocent and the truth will ultimately come out. However, you need to know that the truth and justice will only be made with the assistance of the best criminal lawyer because the best defence is a strong offence. You need to immediately consult with a criminal defence lawyer to understand the risks involved. Your past and current actions will be closely monitored, so you should be careful of all your actions and beware of anything that could be held against you. Thus as soon as you face false charges, you should immediately hire the right criminal defence lawyer in Toronto and immediately seek legal consultation.    

Protect your Interests

While facing false sexual assault charges, you should not speak to anyone regarding your case until you have consulted with your criminal defence lawyer. You should stay away from giving any statement even to the police officer. You should prevent yourself from commenting on any social media platform, as it can be used to convict you or show you in a bad light. Hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Toronto will prevent you from making mistakes that would lead to more serious charges.

Seek Legal Assistance from Expert Criminal Defence Lawyer

Though you have not committed the crime still no one can help you out except the criminal defence lawyer. On facing false sexual assault charges, you need to immediately plan your defence with the assistance of an expert criminal defence lawyer in Toronto. Hiring a criminal defence lawyer having experience in sexual assault cases will be in your best interest, as he/she will represent you to law enforcement, protect you from conviction, help you understand charges filed against you, negotiate with prosecutors, and develop a strong defence.      

Collect Solid Evidence

It is important for you to collect evidence that may help you prove your innocence which can be anything from emails, and text messages, to pictures from the alleged victim. You should not try to destroy any evidence, as it will be considered misconduct and it will seem that you are trying to cover up something. Evidence is important, as it will help in proving your innocence. Usually in sexual assault cases rarely there is a chance of the presence of any witness where the crime has allegedly taken place but if there has been any eye witness, and then you should inform your lawyer who can approach the witness to take the statement that could make a huge impact on the case.

Time is of great importance while facing sexual assault charges and hence you should immediately seek legal help from an eminent criminal defence lawyer to protect your rights and minimize the consequences. On facing false acquisition you should immediately hire a reliable criminal defense attorney in Toronto to receive a strong defence and bring your life back to normal.

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