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Fraud Charges are a broad legal term that refers to dishonest acts committed with the intent of depriving another person or company of money, property, or legal rights through deception. It is best to get a Fraud Charges defence lawyer in Brampton.

Unlike theft, which involves the taking of something of value by force or stealth, fraud involves taking something of value by intentionally misrepresenting facts.

Fraud Charges lawyer

How Is Fraud Detected?

The perpetrator—a person who commits a harmful, illegal, or immoral act—may be found guilty of a criminal violation or a wrongful act in proven fraud cases.

Fraudsters may seek monetary or non-monetary assets when they make false representations. For example, lying about one’s age to get their driver’s license, criminal background to get a job, or income to receive a loan could all be considered fraudulent.

Fraudulent conduct should not be confused with a “hoax,” a purposeful deceit or false statement to gain or harm another person financially.

Fines and/or imprisonment may be imposed on criminal fraud perpetrators. Victims of civil fraud may file lawsuits seeking monetary restitution from the wrongdoer.

The victim must have suffered genuine damages to win a civil fraud court case. In other words, the fraud must have succeeded. Criminal fraud, on the other hand, can be punished even if the fraud fails.

Furthermore, a single fraudulent act can be pursued both criminally and civilly. As a result, a person charged with fraud in criminal court may be sued by the victim or victims in civil court.

Fraud is a serious criminal offence. Anyone who believes they have been a victim of fraud or who has been accused of fraud should always seek the advice of a competent attorney. You should contact an FMK Law Group lawyer right away.

Necessary Elements of Fraud

While the intricacies of fraud legislation differ from province to province and from federal to provincial, five fundamental factors must be proven in court to prove that a fraud offence has been committed:

  1. Misrepresentation of a material fact: A false statement about a material and relevant fact must be made. The seriousness of the false statement should be such that it has a significant impact on the victim’s decisions and behaviour. This false statement, for example, may influence a person’s decision to buy a product or authorize a loan.
  2. False statement made with knowledge: The person making the statement must know it is incorrect or false. 
  3. Intent to deceive: The false statement had to be made with the explicit purpose of deceiving and influencing the victim.
  4. The victim’s reasonable reliance: In the court’s view, the extent to which the victim relies on the false statement must be reasonable. It’s possible that relying on hyperbolic, absurd, or clearly impossible statements or claims isn’t “reasonable.” However, if the criminal willfully takes advantage of a person who is illiterate, incompetent, or otherwise mentally impaired, civil damages can be charged.
  5. Actual loss or injury: As a direct result of their reliance on the misleading information, the victim incurred some actual loss.

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