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If you’re facing theft or financial crime charges in Brampton, Canada, it’s crucial to seek the assistance of a skilled theft defence attorney as soon as possible. A conviction for such offences can result in severe legal penalties, including substantial fines and potential incarceration.

Moreover, a theft-related conviction can damage your reputation, impacting future job prospects and social standing. Our experienced criminal defence lawyers Brampton are dedicated to vigorously defending your rights and safeguarding your reputation.

Rest assured, our theft lawyers in Brampton possess comprehensive knowledge across various areas of law. At FMK Law Group, we are committed to guiding our clients through challenging legal situations, firmly believing in the protective power of the law and ensuring its effective delivery.

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Theft charges

What Are Theft Charges?

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, “theft” is defined as the intentional movement or attempt to move property with the intent to steal it. This definition applies regardless of whether the Theft is classified as Theft Over $5,000 or Theft Under $5,000.

The consequences of a theft conviction should be considered. Like many other criminal offences, being convicted of Theft can lead to limitations on international travel. Furthermore, a documented theft conviction may raise concerns about one’s character during background checks conducted by potential employers.

Different Types of Theft Charges, Ontario

When you are charged with theft, various factors might influence your penalty. Thus, an insignificant detail could be the difference between paying a fine and spending time in prison.

Additionally, there are many types of theft charges, but the following examples are the most common ones:

Identity Theft Charges

Since personal information is so easy to obtain nowadays, identity theft is one of the most common examples of this crime.


Unlike identity theft, robbery refers to using force or violence to steal someone else’s possessions. Considering that it often involves weapons or threats of violence, it often involves more severe penalties than other types of charges.


Forgery is the illegal copying or alteration of documents or objects to deceive someone for personal benefit. This can involve imitating signatures on checks, creating fake works of art, or doctoring legal contracts. Essentially, it’s making something false appear genuine to gain an unfair advantage.


Shoplifting is stealing merchandise from a store during business hours. It typically involves concealing items on your person or in a bag and leaving the store without paying. This can also include switching price tags, stealing by pretending to return an item or taking a bite of food without purchasing it.

Fraud Charges

Fraud is the intentional deception used to gain something unlawfully or unethically, often at the expense of another person or organization. It involves misleading someone through false information or withholding crucial details for personal benefit. This could be financial gain, like stealing money or property, or something intangible, like manipulating a vote.

Penalties for Theft Under $5,000 in Brampton, ON

  1. Probation
  2. Discharge or conditional discharge
  3. Fines
  4. Conditional sentence of house arrest
  5. A maximum prison term of 2 years

Penalties for Theft Over $5,000 in Brampton, Ontario

In Ontario, theft over $5,000 is treated as an indictable offence by the Crown. Upon facing such a charge, the accused has the right to choose between being tried by a judge alone in either the Ontario Court of Justice or the Superior Court of Justice or by a judge and jury in the Superior Court of Justice.

Potential sentences for theft over $5,000 can include imprisonment for up to 10 years.

When sentencing for theft charges in Brampton, ON, a judge considers various factors related to the offence and the offender. These factors include:

  1. The value of the stolen goods
  2. The number of alleged thefts
  3. Whether there was a breach of trust, such as theft from an employer
  4. Any previous criminal history of the accused

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