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If you have been charged with criminal law offences in Mississauga and are looking for a thorough criminal defence then immediately get in touch with the competent criminal lawyer of FMK Law Group before the first court appearance. You should not make the mistake of pleading guilty without seeking legal advice because numerous serious problems are associated with a criminal record.

A criminal record may affect your job, and higher education, can restrict you from becoming a Canadian citizen, or staying in Canada, and your travel right can also be restricted. With decades of experience, the  criminal lawyer in Mississauga of FMK Law Group serves you by bringing all their experience to the criminal justice system. The  criminal lawyers of the firm have successfully handled trials and appeals at every court level.

What Do Criminal Defence Attorneys in Mississauga Do?

Criminal defence attorneys of FMK Law Group in Mississauga are committed to seeking justice and obtaining the  results for each client. Valuing each and every client, criminal defence attorneys proactively serve you and keep you updated with the status of your case and are quick to answer all your questions related to the progress of your case. Our criminal defence attorneys in Mississauga carry out extensive preparation of every case and collect vital facts associated with the case to perfectly defend and represent their client in court.

Our criminal attorneys are known for their court work and hence provide sound legal help to clients facing any type of criminal charges. With their extensive experience and knowledge in the criminal justice system, these lawyers negotiate the  possible resolution with the Crown, dismissed charges at trial, and reduce sentences. The renowned legal firm of Mississauga has successfully defended innumerable clients charged with diverse criminal offences.

The Benefit of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

Being charged with a criminal offence is quite a traumatic and painful experience that has potentially serious and lasting consequences on your life. This is the time when you realize the benefit of hiring an efficient criminal lawyer.

Choosing the  criminal lawyer of FMK Law Group is a vital decision that you can make when charged with a criminal offence. Some of the major benefits of hiring the  criminal lawyers in Mississauga include:

  1. Provide you with the  possible outcome for your legal case.
  2. Help you navigate the overwhelming and complex judicial system with their strong legal assistance.
  3. Advocate passionately protecting your rights, record, and freedom of individuals charged with criminal offences.
  4. Develops strong and successful defence strategies that are distinctly prepared for every case.
  5. Revered as stellar criminal lawyers that motivates to secure the  results for all clients charged with any type of criminal offence.
  6. Successful track records speak for the unmatched legal services of the competent criminal lawyers rendering top-quality legal services in Mississauga.
  7. Work closely with clients to understand every imaginable aspect and present the  defence case if the case proceeds to trial.

Our Area of Practice

FMK Law Group is known to provide the very  legal defence in diverse areas of criminal law such as fraud, theft, drug crimes, sexual assault, violent crimes, driving crimes, weapon charges, bail hearings, and several other areas of criminal law.

Irrespective of the criminal offence you have been charged with, our expert criminal attorneys of FMK Law Group have the potential and expertise to navigate the law and serve you with the  possible outcome. Our area of practice in the field of criminal law includes:

Fraud & Theft Charges

Defending fraud or theft cases in Mississauga require great skills and experience in this particular field. Thus hiring our criminal lawyers having expertise in fraud and theft cases will provide you peace of mind, as they will closely work with you o develop the  defence. Their strong determination and immense knowledge in the field are clearly visible in the courtroom in the manner in which they defend every case.

Drug Charges

Facing drug charges is an extremely scaring and traumatic experience and if you are absolutely clueless about your next course of action, then the  thing you should do is to hire criminal lawyers that hold expertise in handling drug charges. Hiring a skilled legal team from a reputed firm will put you in good hands; as they will help you know your legal rights and will aptly defend you and navigate you from the complex criminal court system.   

Weapons Charges

Weapon charges are criminal offence that can lead to imprisonment of ten years or if the offence is punishable by a summary conviction that can lead to a maximum imprisonment of eighteen months. Hiring the criminal lawyers of FMK Law Group will be your  option, as they will rightly defend your case and obtain the  possible results. If charged with weapon charges then you can consult our firm to seek free case evaluation consultation with our criminal attorneys.

Driving Crime Charges

If you have been charged with impaired driving or DUI, then consulting our legal firm will prove your  decision. You should not plead guilty without consulting our  impaired driving lawyers, as our professional criminal lawyers can alleviate your stress and could even win your case. Our trial lawyers are committed to helping you get out of the stressful time and look forward to protecting your right in this case.

Domestic Assault Charges

Our competent and skilled domestic assault lawyers are efficient in developing a defence aligned with your case. The intention of harming someone close to you can impose domestic assault charges on you and it is considered a serious criminal charge. Luckily you can seek legal assistance from our  domestic assault lawyers in Mississauga who will guide you through the complex legal process and help you understand your options.  Our lawyers have a successful track record of winning cases and help you avoid a criminal record.

Sexual Assault Charges

The FMK Law Group has all the essential skills and knowledge that are required in a team of criminal lawyers to build a strong defence in your favor. The criminal lawyer team has the passion and expertise to defend you in a sexual assault case and they work tirelessly to ensure that you are fairly represented in the court. Sexual assault charges on a person in Mississauga can lead to a jail term ranging from a few months to several years, depending on the nature of the sexual assault. Our criminal lawyers will assess your case and develop a strong strategy to protect your reputation and freedom.  

Factors to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Mississauga, then you definitely need the legal assistance of the  criminal lawyer. However, while hiring a criminal lawyer in Mississauga, you need to consider a few factors to choose a lawyer that can fight your case with great confidence and professionalism.

Some of the vital factors that should be considered while hiring a criminal lawyer in Mississauga include:  

  1. Choose a lawyer having prosecutor experience, as he/she will be able to properly understand the case and knows how to fight and win the case.
  2. Choose criminal lawyers in Mississauga that provide top-class representation to individuals facing criminal charges and receive representation at bail hearings, trials, and appeals.
  3. Prefer criminal lawyers that make the  use of their experience and expertise to protect your rights.  
  4. Criminal lawyers that work with determination and resilience to provide the  legal services will surely be a good choice for individuals charged with a criminal offence.
  5. Prefer criminal lawyers who have handled criminal cases of various sizes and levels of complexity and aspire for greater things in the future.

Why Should You Hire Us as a Criminal Lawyer in Mississauga?

With an array of criminal law firms operational in Mississauga, then why you should only prefer FMK Law Group? This question can come to your mind but after hiring the  and most  criminal lawyer in Mississauga from this firm you will get the answer to your question.

Some of the prominent reasons to hire criminal lawyers from this firm include:

  1. Have a competent team of skilled criminal lawyers who work with the utmost integrity to protect the right and freedom of the individuals charged with criminal offences.  
  2. Our skilled lawyers meet with you to discuss all your options regarding the case and advise you about the legalities of the case.
  3. We have the  team of lawyers who are well aware of the complex criminal legal system and the law pertaining to diverse criminal charges.
  4. Our lawyers will make a great effort to protect your right at every step and try to achieve the possible results.
  5. Our lawyers make sure that you are kept informed throughout the entire legal process.
  6. We provide free legal consultations to every client to first understand their specific circumstances and accordingly prepare the defence strategy.
  7. We have a wealth of experience and are well capable of handling the full spectrum of criminal offences. Every case is dealt with the same degree of attention and effort.


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