As they are so commonplace, most people believe that theft crimes and robberies are not serious. Theft is a broad term for property-related offenses and crimes that usually come with severe penalties and consequences depending on the specific circumstances.

From a shop-lifting charge to intricate “white-collar” fraud schemes, convictions for theft and robberies can have serious life-long consequences for an individual found guilty of these offenses.

Theft, Robbery, and Fraud Charges Lawyer in Brampton

If you’ve been charged with a theft crime, robbery, or fraud crimes, you must seek counsel from an experienced and trained theft, robbery, and fraud charges lawyer in Brampton, ON.

Being charged with retail theft or robbery requires an effective and savvy criminal defense attorney with comprehensive legal experience. At the Law Offices of FMK Law Group, we can advocate to withdraw the criminal charges filed against you. Our trained lawyers in Oakville can work toward achieving an acquittal at trial if your case goes to trial.